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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Why Computers are so popular

Why Computers are so famous. Discussion between a Teacher and a Student!

Teacher: So, tell me why Computers are so popular what is so special about them?

Student: Sir because they are fast.

Teacher: So what even a bike is fast (smiling)

Student: But Sir, a Computer does calculation faster than we can do.

Teacher: A calculator can also do calculations faster than we can, so why waste so much money on a Computer? We could buy a calculator for calculations.

Student: Hmmm... yes but we can listen to songs and watch movies

Teacher: Even we can do the same with a mobile also.

Student: But Sir with a Computer we can do much more! We can write letters, and edit photos and get in connection with other people!

Teacher: yesss!!! That’s the specialty of the Computer. With a Computer you can do many things. Like we can create documents, create graphics, edit them and also create animations. And the best part is that we can get in contact with anyone in the world with internet connection.

Student: That's great, instead of buying a calculator, a typewriter, music system, music CD's and instead of maintaining books for educational and business purposes we can just buy a Computer! And we can store all the stuff... that's great it an "ALL IN ONE MACHINE"

Teacher: Yes and also we can use the Computer for various scientific experiments and research. Including astronomical and even we can launch satellites and we can calculate the distance from earth to sun or any other star in the sky

Student: Wow... its amazing Sir.

Teacher: Also we can capture high definition pictures from the space.

Student: Wow!

Teacher: And also we can study our own planet in a more detailed way. The Computer can store information of all the species and we can get the information when we want.

Student: Amazing, Sir that is really amazing. We just use Computer just as an entertainment tool!. I never knew of it potential.

Teacher: Yes it is the most amazing machine man has ever made...

Students: Tell us some more possibilities a Computer can do.

Teacher: Sure! We will learn more in the next class... Till than have a nice time! :-)

Note: This has been written for those who are new to the concepts of Computers. Specially for Kids.

Lastly, Tell me your thoughts, tell me what potential a Computer holds. Has it changed the way we live?. Do share your thoughts. because I love comments.

And thanks to my friend Jaseem Ahmed Khan for suggestion.

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Friday, January 28, 2011

What is a Computer?

What actually a computer is?

Our computersIf this question was asked in a book or on a paper then the answer would have been different but since you are reading it from a blog using a Computer, then the answer is "What you are staring at is a Computer".
Any way jokes apart.

Definition of a Computer:
       A Computer is an electronic data processing device which can read and write, compute and compare, store and process large volume of data with high speed, accuracy and reliability.

In simple words:
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Monday, January 24, 2011

The Computer Illiterate.

The Computer Illiterate:

Majority of Indian Students are Computer Illiterate
      The first time I saw a Computer was may be in the year 1994 or maybe 1995. I was in class II or III. I saw it at my father’s office. I still remember that day and the thrill I felt when my father took us to his office just to show Computer the “Wonder Machine”. At the office the clerk who was working on the Computer asked me to remove my "Action" shoes before entering the Computer room. What I saw there was many terminals connected to the server somewhere in the building. It was just a black and white monitor with an attached typewriter (keyboard). I was awestruck by seeing it. I remember I just stood there and stared at the machine. I had heard so much about it that it could do a hundred men’s (unfortunately not a women's work) work alone with speed without stopping.
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