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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Why Computers are so popular

Why Computers are so famous. Discussion between a Teacher and a Student!

Teacher: So, tell me why Computers are so popular what is so special about them?

Student: Sir because they are fast.

Teacher: So what even a bike is fast (smiling)

Student: But Sir, a Computer does calculation faster than we can do.

Teacher: A calculator can also do calculations faster than we can, so why waste so much money on a Computer? We could buy a calculator for calculations.

Student: Hmmm... yes but we can listen to songs and watch movies

Teacher: Even we can do the same with a mobile also.

Student: But Sir with a Computer we can do much more! We can write letters, and edit photos and get in connection with other people!

Teacher: yesss!!! That’s the specialty of the Computer. With a Computer you can do many things. Like we can create documents, create graphics, edit them and also create animations. And the best part is that we can get in contact with anyone in the world with internet connection.

Student: That's great, instead of buying a calculator, a typewriter, music system, music CD's and instead of maintaining books for educational and business purposes we can just buy a Computer! And we can store all the stuff... that's great it an "ALL IN ONE MACHINE"

Teacher: Yes and also we can use the Computer for various scientific experiments and research. Including astronomical and even we can launch satellites and we can calculate the distance from earth to sun or any other star in the sky

Student: Wow... its amazing Sir.

Teacher: Also we can capture high definition pictures from the space.

Student: Wow!

Teacher: And also we can study our own planet in a more detailed way. The Computer can store information of all the species and we can get the information when we want.

Student: Amazing, Sir that is really amazing. We just use Computer just as an entertainment tool!. I never knew of it potential.

Teacher: Yes it is the most amazing machine man has ever made...

Students: Tell us some more possibilities a Computer can do.

Teacher: Sure! We will learn more in the next class... Till than have a nice time! :-)

Note: This has been written for those who are new to the concepts of Computers. Specially for Kids.

Lastly, Tell me your thoughts, tell me what potential a Computer holds. Has it changed the way we live?. Do share your thoughts. because I love comments.

And thanks to my friend Jaseem Ahmed Khan for suggestion.

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  1. I love computer because it connects me to internet and internet connects me to Google and i love Google. Yes phones are also the way to connect with Google but I enjoy surfing on Pc. My PC is my best friend

  2. Computer -- one solution for all problems.
    Very nice article if you have wrote without any help. then i must say its awesome.

  3. Thank u Aitsh and Eric. And yes I have written this without any help except for the tittle (my friend helped me for the tittle).

  4. No offence meant, and you probably won't even allow this comment (perhaps a challenge to see if you publish this?), but I had to convey my opinion.
    My first thought upon seeing the title was... "Ummm what? This is not 1994."
    Useful article if your intention was to tell kids about the computer uses they do not know about. But "computers" are not "so popular" anymore nor do people prefer making it an all-in-one for the purposes you said since a smartphone with OS can do all of that already. Sorry man, it would have been a nice article but the tone in which it is written (condescending), the way you give reasons ("all in one" - seriously?), and the horrible title ("Why computers are so popular" sounds dumb in 2011, maybe okay in 1994) are the portions that could be improved.

    In any case, mobile phones are also computers, and the "all in one" computer you refer to, is NOT what is used to launch satellites. Also, the "Energy saving mode" (black screen, by OnlineLeaf) on your blog, that kicks in after a minute of mouse inactivity, is a problem when typing comment or just reading, since we don't keep moving the mouse cursor unnecessarily.

  5. If you have written on your own then its too good..your blog will rock in near future.

  6. Thank u Atish. Hope it will be as you say :-)

  7. @Anonymous, If u had read the article without any bias and clarity then you would have came to know that I have clearly mentioned that the article is written "Specially for Kids".

    These articles are specially targeted to those students who are not familiar with Computers. And as a Technical Trainer at various institutions I come across a large number of students who are not aware of computer's power. And this article is a conversion between me and my student.

    Anyway thanks for criticizing my work, you know I love when people criticize my work. Looking for more such comments from you. I hope every one will get bold as you while giving comments. :-)

    Stay chill buddy, you cant make me angry. Challenge!

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  9. ur site is getting much populraity bhai congratulation n best of luck 4 future

  10. these days almost every field uses computers


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