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Monday, January 24, 2011

The Computer Illiterate.

The Computer Illiterate:

Majority of Indian Students are Computer Illiterate
      The first time I saw a Computer was may be in the year 1994 or maybe 1995. I was in class II or III. I saw it at my father’s office. I still remember that day and the thrill I felt when my father took us to his office just to show Computer the “Wonder Machine”. At the office the clerk who was working on the Computer asked me to remove my "Action" shoes before entering the Computer room. What I saw there was many terminals connected to the server somewhere in the building. It was just a black and white monitor with an attached typewriter (keyboard). I was awestruck by seeing it. I remember I just stood there and stared at the machine. I had heard so much about it that it could do a hundred men’s (unfortunately not a women's work) work alone with speed without stopping.
The operator then asked me to use the keyboard. I saw at it and then asked him about the big key on which was printed “Return” then the operator explained me with patience about the different types of keys. The Alphabetic keys, the Numeric, the Special and the Function keys. And he said the “return” key was among the Special keys. I pressed it slowly and saw the cursor beam shift from one field to another. I pressed the Return key three times.

     This was the incident that had such a deep impact on me that I started collecting knowledge and information about the Magic Machine from then on. The next day when I went to school I told about the visit to my best pal Nasir. And he told everyone that Imran had used the Wonder machine. And since then to till now everybody ask me about their doubts about computers. Although I was and neither I am a Computer expert but I know how to use and maintain the computer probably better than others.

      In the years since that day I have been teaching how to use a Computer to many numbers of friends. I was maybe lucky to see and use Computer at such an early age. And in my years of wanderings I have seen students in their engineering and graduation who have never in their life touched the computer and they face difficulties in their studies as computer knowledge is necessary at such a level of education. And these students spend hundreds and thousands of Rupees to learn just the basic of computer, when they could have learned it free of cost with just some effort.

      So seeing the difficulties of my fellow Indians today I am launching this technological blog which will in the beginning teach the basics of computer that too in an easy to read language.

    So this was the first post in this blog. And from next post I will start the step by step advanced basic of computer guide.

    Till then have a Nice Time. And don't forget to comment, I like comments!.

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  1. Superb tech story. you have a nice theme... enable anonymous comments so that people will comment you easily.

  2. Thank u atish glad to know u liked the post. And I have enabled the anonymous comments.

  3. thanks.
    I said to enable anonymous comments because when u enable it then you can also see name/url type of commenting system, a bit like wordpress

  4. Yes and anonymous comments encourages people to saw what they have in their hearts without making their name public. Thanks for suggestion :-)


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